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Kids Preschool Learning Games

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A beautiful app, designed for kids in the age range 3 to 6, to foster their learning, imagination and free play. It includes 17 thoughtfully designed fun games, containing very colorful and attractive images/sounds. Kids enjoy playing these games for hours without getting bored, and at the same time learning skills, which are carefully incorporated in the design of each game.

What makes this app special is that so many different types of games are present in a single place, which are normally found in separate different apps.

Games are designed to enhance following skills:
1. Basic mathematics
2. Numbers recognition
3. Hand-eye coordination
4. Concentration
5. Visual perception
6. Vocabulary
7. Classification
8. Symmetry
9. Organizing
10. Memory
11. Matching
12. Attention to detail

Following is the list of games sections:

-Match the shadow
-Count 123
-Scratch to reveal
-Cow Mania
-Hungry Lizzy
-Tricky maze
-Jigsaw puzzle
-Odd one out
-Bingo fun
-Same to same
-Missing objects
-Fill the colors
-Find odd items
-Spot the difference
-Match the numbers
-Sort it out
-Learn to trace

In addition to each individual game section, there is a common playground where kid will be presented with a mix of games from all sections. If kid is interested more in some types of games, he/she can skip the ones he/she doesnt want.

To keep kids challenged, points are awarded for each game stage completed. A scoreboard is maintained which kid can see after each game. When kid scores enough points, he/she earns a sticker of his/her choice. All his/her earned stickers are kept in a box which he/she can relish any time they want later.

We have put our every effort to make this app interesting and beautiful. But we would love to hear your views/feedback/ratings on the same.